• Smart Data
    Audience Rate is a Smart data environment simplifying data collection, analysis, and monetization

What we do

Follow your data

Collect data

We collect data from multiple sources. Web and mobile.

Enrich and segment

We use data to create segments of profiled users.

Sell datas

We bring Segments on the best Marketplaces.

Allocate revenues

We distribute revenues based on real contribution to segment.


AudienceRate mission is to make data collection and analysis measurable and transparent, with the goal of maximizing its effectiveness and efficiency, enabling the monetization across different marketplaces.

Why Audience Rate?

That's How We Do It

Data Monetization

Audience Rate generates a revenue stream from datas

PMP Enhancement

Data monetization on global marketplaces


Audience Rate enriches, profiles and enhances data in a single solution


Tools capable of assessing and quantify your performance

Google Partnership Audience Rate is among 21 exclusive partners selected worldwide by Google as third party data provider. Since 2012.
Access the largest Data Marketplace The exclusive partnership enables sale of profiled data on the largest Data Marketplace globally.